Archetype Initiation

Sage Advice and Initiation Archetype Ventura Cigars

My first of five

Ventura Cigar (maker of the Psycho, Cuban Rejects and other brands) teamed up with several household brands to blend five cigars. This line, know as the Archetype, was inspired by 2 people; Dr. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Dr. Jung is the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who determined that archetypes are recurring images you see in your dreams. Campbell was a college professor who worked on comparative mythology and used the Archetype in telling stories themed with a hero’s journey.

Red Dragon

This version of the Archetype was blended with the Drew at Drew Estate. It is made in Nicaragua and consists of an Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper, Nicaraguan Habano binder and filler. Initiation comes in four sizes at the time of my review; 7 x 48, 5 x 46, 5 x 54 and 6 x 52. The bands on these cigars have a red dragon and we are expected to get floral and citrus (orange zest) and almonds.

My thoughts

I smoked the nice but kind of pricey corona. The descriptors were spot on. Citrus and acidity but without the bitterness. It was not an overly potent Nicaraguan cigar with all of the advertised floral and grassy notes.

Tons of sweet smoke. This cigar is full of flavor with good balance while being a solid medium body. The citrus is more prominent on the retrohale though.


This is a very nice blend. It was a perfect mid-summer cigar full and rich with a unique blend of flavors. Without question the mildest Nicaraguan cigar I ever smoked.

The Initiation is an all day any mood cigar that could be smoked alone or paired with anything. This is not a forgettable cigar. He nuanced flavors are meant to be savored.

Except for the price, this is a cigar a novice could enjoy. There is enough flavor and complexity that separates the Initiation from the rest of the medium pack.