Archetype Strange Passage

Archetype Strange Passage by Ventura Cigars

My second of five

Ventura Cigar (maker of the Psycho, Cuban Rejects and other brands) teamed up with several household brands to blend five cigars. This line, know as the Archetype, was inspired by 2 people; Dr. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Dr. Jung is the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who determined that archetypes are recurring images you see in your dreams. Campbell was a college professor who worked on comparative mythology and used the Archetype in telling stories themed with a hero’s journey.

The first cigar I’ve tried was the Initiation. The Strange Passage was my second.

Green Dragon

The Archetype Strange Passage was blended with the folks from Diadema Cigars de Honduras S.A. factory in Honduras, home of Camacho cigars. I have to admit, I have never smoked a Camacho yet. No reason at all. I haven’t heard anything bad about their cigars. I just haven’t taken the time to smoke one yet.

Like the other cigars in the series, the label is more a symbol than a showcase for the brand and is the image of a gigantic green dragon circling the planet. Strange Passage came in 3 vitolas at the time of the review. A short robusto (4 ¼ x 50), Robusto (5 ½ x 54) and a Toro (6 x 60)

Prices range from about $9 to $13 depending upon your source.

The Blend

The filler is a secret but a multi-country blend. The wrapper is a marvelous Ecuadorian Habano tobacco and the binder is Honduran Corojo. The website says the cigar consists of a, “Multi-dimensional, full-bodied flavor profile that transforms throughout the smoking process.” We should expect freshly roasted coffee and aged wood to an earthy fruit and spice finish. Let’s light up and see.

My thoughts

The robusto is a box pressed robusto. In my video I mistakenly said this was a mild cigar.


It started off a little mild and meaty but immediately began to heat up.

I got floral and citrus within the first inch. Orange or lemon zest and a fair amount of spice. Pepper picked up a little after that inch.

Then it took a full flavor turn. Strange Passage stayed full bodied without the cocoa, coffee, leather or any of the other earth tones I expect with a full bodied cigar.


This is another very nice blend by Ventura. Good even burn and not flakey at all. Good balance once I worked through a touch of tartness in the beginning. The most important factor in a good cigar is the uniqueness. This cigar was unique.

While the Initiation is an all day any mood cigar, The Archetype Strange Passage is potent. Better to gnaw on this after a meal or it will leave you feeling “strange”.

I’m going to have to grab a Camacho soon!!