Caldwell Dos Firmas

Best Mild Cigar Ever

During a recent discussion at Wooden Indian Tobacco with the staff and a cigar producer, cigar strength and potency came up. Many smokers, they said, see strength as value. In order to meet that demand, cigar producers are producing an ever widening array of full bodied cigars.

It has turned into an arms race of sorts and is more akin to eating hot wings in my opinion. Heat is the star and not the flavor.

Caldwell has done me a “solid” by moving in the opposite direction and has produced a full flavorful cigar that is on the mild side of medium strength.  Introducing Dos Firmas.

Two Signatures

Dos Firmas means “Two Signatures”. These signatures belong to Robert Caldwell and William Ventura from Ventura Cigars. Both gentlemen have produced excellent collaborative cigars. Caldwell has worked with Tony Bellatto, Willie Herrera, and A J Fernandez while William Ventura’s collaborators include Matt Booth, folks at Davidoff and Drew Estate.

I have enjoyed every Caldwell cigar I’ve smoked whether a solo project or collaboration. My first experience with Ventura was the Archetypes. I had not smoked a Camacho or a Psycho.

Okay. Full disclosure. I did have a few Cuban Rejects about 4 years ago and enjoyed them. I had no idea they were Ventura products. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a review any time soon.

The Cigar

The wrapper is the only tobacco disclosed; a shade grown (Ecuadorian?) Connecticut. It is common for Ventura to keep their filler blends secret. The binder is undisclosed as well.

Dos Firmas comes in a single size, the 4 7/8 x 46 Signature.

Some reviews give this cigar a medium bodied rating but all agree it is a full flavored cigar with leather, cream and spice. This is a small batch cigar. You can look for it on the Caldwell site but you won’t find it there.

My Thoughts

The complexity was off the charts! There was a sweet, honey like bursts of flavor including herbs, grass and flowers. The flavors are enchanting. They just swirl around in your mouth and will break your concentration. No burn at all on the retrohale. However, doing so intensifies the nuanced flavors even more.

It was mild bodied leaning towards medium. Even with my sensitivity to heat and spice, I just can’t reach a medium bodied conclusion.

Dos Firmas however has flavor to spare!


This cigar will be included in my top 10 cigars from 2018. While I expected the cigar to reach a peppery crescendo, it never does. But that was OK.

The cigar burns excellent with no flake. The ash “hang time” was superb. This is a cigar that could be enjoyed with a cup of tea. In fact the herbal wisps would be a perfect pairing for green tea or darker leafed oolong.

Beginners will love this cigar because there is a lot of flavor going on while preserving their nostrils. Cigar lovers will enjoy the uniqueness of flavor and be pleasantly surprised by the full flavors.

If you like full bodied cigars for the body and not the flavor, this will disappoint. But don’t worry. The manufacturers are making new product every day to take the top off of your heads!