Epic Project E

Project E by Epic Cigars

A brand you can count on

I was introduced to Epic cigars in 2016 during my early visits to Wooden Indian Tobacco in Havertown, PA. The Epic Maduro was a beautiful cigar which I preferred to smoke in the lancero size. It’s cousin, the Corojo had the same filler but the Corojo wrapper.

The Epic Project E is the first cigar I have tried by Epic since then even though there are now 7 lines in the brand. Why should I be surprised?. The Maduro was awesome and completely unique; something I know I can depend on from Dean Parsons.

Who is Dean Parsons

Dean Parsons used to work in real estate in the Turks and Caicos Islands which lie in the Caribbean cluster not far from the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. He founded and trademarked Epic Cigars in 2010 after many trips to the Dominican Republic and launched his first cigars in 2014.

He didn’t do it alone. He worked very closely with Master Blender Rolando Antonio Villamil for 10 years while creating his blends. I can’t find much on Rolando except that there (is/was?) a brand of cigars bearing that name sold in Germany.

This cigar industry is very small. I was sitting down with a blender from a highly respected brand and during the conversation with a friend of mine, Dean’s name came up. They agreed that Dean was the hardest man working in the industry. High praise from a competitor.

The Blend

The Epic line is manufactured in the Dominican Republic, Dean’s new home.

Project E San Andreas comes in a single vitola, the Gran Ola a rustic and shiny 6.5 x 54 Mexican San Andres leaf surrounding a filler consisting of both Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco and an Indonesian Sumatra binder. The band is a patch of natural leaf as well so you can just smoke this thing down to the fingers.

No need to look at other reviews for an Epic. I had the time, the temperament and the talent to settle in and enjoy this cigar without consultation. I pulled out my note book, poured a coffe moonshine, turned on the iPad and lit up.

My thoughts

I like Epic cigars because they don’t taste like anyone else’s cigars. They don’t remind me of anything else, the don’t look like anything else; they stand on their own. This is the most endearing quality of a cigar to me. Well Project E did remind me of another cigar; the Daddy Mack by Cornelius and Anthony!

Project E had such amazing sweetness from the wrapper that I didn’t want to light it. When I lit it up, the potent pepper was right up front the greet me. It stayed red pepper flake hot from beginning to end but I got a slight hint of nutmeg too.

Burn? Excellent. Balanced? Yes. Complexity. Amazing. This cigar at first seems like a two note cigar. The flavors are so nuanced.

But with a relaxed smoking environment everything began to fall into place.  Cotton candy sweet, with heat spice and cookie spice on a hot night drinking a liqueur.



In the interest of science, I am obligated to smoke another. The pairing with the coffee moonshine was so good, I must smoke one alone to see if the flavors pop like they did last night. If they do, this has to rate among my top 10 cigars I’ve smoked this year.

Watch for the video soon!!

Have an Epic day!!