Tatuaje Avion 13

Tatuaje Avion 13

The Tatuaje Avion 13 is a 3rd Generation cigar

The Tatuaje Avion 13 Reserva which is based upon the Tatuaje Fausto have a few things in common.  The blend and the blender are the same.  Pete Johnson created the Fausto line in 2011 and these in turn are based upon the T110’s he introduced in 2009.

All tend to be on the full bodied side of the potency scale due to the amount of high priming ligero tobacco included in the blend.

Who is Pete Johnson?

Pete Johnson is the 46 year old blender for Tatuaje cigars.  A former musician (like Katman I might add) he turned towards cigar making and in 2003 introduced the Tatuaje brand to the world.  Tatuaje means tattoo. Google him. The brand name makes perfect since.

Tatuaje has multiple cigars that have ranked in the Cigar Aficionado top 25 from 2004 until today.  That simply means they are a quality a brand that is popular, tasty and maintains a level of quality and consistency.

The Blend

The Perfecto I enjoyed is designed around a Connecticut Broadleaf Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and old Nicaraguan long filler.  They have multiple releases of the cigar which include the Perfect Grande in 2011 (6.7 x 52), a Perfecto in 2012 (5.6 x 52) the Double Perfecto in 2013 (6.8 x 52)

Each of the cigars are branded differently and you need to know what you’re looking for. The “13” is on the high side expense wise at about $11 so it is not an every day smoke for me.

The Avion 13 is a beautiful thing to behold.  A box pressed torpedo is not something you see every day.  My research also said this cigar is manufactured in the My Father Factory in Nicaragua.

Reviews tell me to expect a potent peppery cigar full of body and smoke and potency.  The best review on this cigar is on Halfwheel.com.

My thoughts

No pepper.  There was a wonderful amount of cocoa that was not bitter nor sweet.  The blend was complex which means there is a lot of stuff happening and not a statement on the body.  I was expecting a head explosion of pepper but no.  It started to turn leathery but no pepper.  Great retrohale.

Some oak began to appear after a few inches.  The balance was spot on too.  Not too salty or too dry.  A cigar that is just as fine alone or with a pairing of your favorite liquid encouragement.

And then the pepper came.  Only in the retrohale at first.  It did not define the cigar and was probably an effect of the tobacco heating up.  This was a smooth customer.  Not creamy but so smooth.  This cigar started as a medium but advanced towards a medium to full body.  The ligero kicked in.

And Finally

With all of the flavor going on throughout the cigar, it had the audacity to turn sweet in the end.  Like a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks!  Will not inundate your taste buds but this cigar teetered on fantastic.  My tasting was so different from some reviews I have read that I wondered if I was smoking the same cigar.

In one word, elegant.  The only thing I can attribute to the lack of pepper is the amount of aging permitted with time in my humidor.  It is one of the most well balanced and pleasant smokes I have ever had.  They are very hard to find and having smoked my sample after aging I would never attempt to enjoy one with any less time in the humidor.