Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars

Blend Bar and Davidoff Cigars

Blend sets the Bar

I have been to dozens of true cigar bars across the country. My very first was Mahogany in Philadelphia nearly 20 years ago in Center City above the famed Holt’s Cigar Shop. When I moved to Indianapolis in 2005 Nicky Blaine’s downtown was the place to take my clients and hang out until I moved out of my apartment and into my home in the suburbs.

My job with that bank relocated me to Ohio in 2007 but my daughter returned to the Indianapolis area following her graduation from college and guess what I found not far away from Keystone at the Crossing’s Mall? Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars.


My first impression was, “Wow”! This place was unbelievable. There was nothing stuffy about this place. It was first class all the way.

The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They are the number one reason to keep coming back. They make everyone feel like a “Big Shot”. Isn’t that what we used to think about cigar shops anyway? It’s where the Big Shots hang out and muckety muck with their muckety mucks.

You are the Big Shot at Blend. I have appeared in custom suits with my best pair of dress shoes and in blue jeans with Timberlands. I’m always treated the same; with respect and class. The seats are comfortable and there is ample space.

Cigars, Wine and Whiskey

I salivate just thinking about the choices. The whiskey prices are high but not outrageous. This is not a cigar lounge and the prices remind you of that, but it has one of the best assortment of fine spirits in Indianapolis. I’m sure that was their goal.

More than 20 scotches and over 40 bourbons top the list for me. This does not include the wines, champagnes and reserve bourbons.

Blend has the best variety of Davidoff Cigars I have ever seen. This includes some of their rare blends and some mighty expensive sticks too. Include The walk-in humidor is loaded with good choices. Some include Nat Sherman, Avo, Drew Estate, Cohiba and Zino to name a few.

The Environment

In case I have not mentioned it, this place is huge. It has the best ventilation system of any place I have ever been. Its not even close. I don’t smell like I’ve been to a cigar shop when I leave blend unless I smoke in the car on my way home.

During the day time, Blend is perfect for meetings, writing (for me), or collecting your thoughts. There are a few small bite items on the menu. Just don’t look for a full meal. At night, things get real interesting

Blend is the meet up place on the north side of Indianapolis. Men and women of all ages show up turning this docile afternoon hangout into an elbow to elbow happening. The vibe is young and vibrant but classy. Always classy.

There are other locations in Nashville, Houston and Pittsburgh.

3981 E 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240