Jacoub’s Cigar & Tobacco Outlet

A chance appointment for my daughter landed me in Ridley Park southwest of Philadelphia and a stone’s throw from the airport. I waited in the car for her to finish puffing away on a cigar and listening to sports talk radio. On our way home, just across the street from where I was parked was a cigar shop. A missed opportunity! A few weeks later, I was back; alone!

Jacoub’s is a BYOB establishment with seating for approximately 16 people with a small pool table in the middle. The table is flanked by two large-screen TVs and the lounge has an excellent sound system. It has a cozy big basement feel to it. A place with a pictures of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix on the wall can’t be all that bad. I lit up one of his branded cigars listening to Wings, “Band on the Run” in the background. Today was classic rock day.

The cigar he had me try was full-bodied and mellow with a light cedar, leather and pepper flavor. He told me that tobacco was aged five years. It was a Dominican 2012 filler with a Corojo wrapper. The short Robusto lasted me 20 minutes. Satisfied but not finished, I tried another cigar. This cigar was a very smooth and rich true medium bodied cigar that tasted of light toast, some cedar and mild spice. It had a Dominican binder and contained a mix of 2009 and 2011 Dominican filler. The dual wrapper was both Connecticut and light Andreas (Dominican). I grabbed a bunch of his cigars and since then have purchased over 40 cigars of various types from him in March alone!

Jacoub is a fantastic host! The best times are when it’s only he and I and possibly one or two other guests. We all sit together and smoke and discuss a wide variety of topics. But our favorite is music! It’s great suggesting artists and songs, queuing them up on his iPhone and sitting back and listening. His lounge is much closer to home than my previous favorite spot in West Chester Pennsylvania

Beyond his own brands Jacob carries a really good selection of cigars from such makers as Rocky Patel, Perdomo, Asylum and others. He’s willing to keep a box of your favorites on hand if you are a frequent visitor. There is a $5 corkage fee for binging your own booze to cover ice and glass and such. He boasts the largest cigar selection in Delaware County. So far, he’s right. I haven’t found a place in Delaware County that could touch him!

Jacoub’s Cigar Outlet and Hookah Lounge

117 E. Sellers Ave

Ridley Park, PA 19078