Pierson Geoffrey’s Cigar and Coffee Cafe

Pierson Geoffrey

Pierson Geoffrey’s is one of two new cigar shops to open in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  Located in Secane, Jeff Pearson (the owner) provides a far different experience than other shops in the area.

Jeffrey decided to pair his selection of cigars with coffee instead of alcohol.  He decided to do this based upon an experience he had in Little Havana in Miami.  Coffee and cigars pair extremely well as they have very complimentary flavors.  Jeffrey leveraged his passion for both and one look at the theme of the shop clearly expresses that fact.

The shop is spacious, has excellent lighting, comfortable seating and chess boards.  Definitely something more akin to a Miami setting.  While the location lacks Florida sun there is an abundance of warmth.  Jeff is a marvelous host who always greets guests both new and old at the door.  He will help you with your cigar selection and will even cut and light it for you.

The largest difference between his shop and others s the cigar selection.  Most shops carry a large mix of popular brands with a few house blends.  Jeffrey does the complete opposite.  Most of the cigars in Pierson Geoffrey’s are his own blend and for good reason.  Jeffrey’s cigars are excellent. 

It takes “stones of steel” to open a cigar shop where most of the selection consists of a house blend.   You can do this if your cigars are superior to popular brands or at least unique.  Jeff’s cigars are both.  I have written a review of his Vintage 1967 and Perfecto.  You can also check out reviews by Katman, a very blunt cigar blogger who praises Jeff’s product.

If you are in the area, I challenge you to sample one of his sticks.  Sit back and close your eyes with a good cup of coffee in one hand and a Pierson Geoffrey cigar in the other and tell me you can’t hear the ocean.


On weekends, there is often some form of entertainment along with beer or wine tastings.  Event notifications are delivered via e-mail to people who subscribe to his contact list.

I have one final note.  Don’t let the lack of popular selection fool you into thinking Jeffrey lacks knowledge or expertise in the other brands.  Jeffrey worked with many of the most famous blenders and factories in the world when creating his own cigars.  During a recent visit, when we had questions about a cigar from Aging Room, he contacted Rafael Nodal directly and discussed the cigar with the creator.

Some of Jeff’s cigars are rolled in a factory that produces one of the most popular blends in the world.  He may be the smallest client in the factory.  This is because of the relationships he forged while developing his line and the respect he gained from them in the process. 

Visit Pierson Geoffrey’s for a cigar and coffee.  Get a taste of Cuba hundreds of miles away.


Pierson Geoffreys

925 Providence Road

Secane, Pennsylvania 19018