Travelling Tobacconist

Travelling Tobacconist

Takin’ it to the Streets

Smoking laws are much stricter than they were 30 years ago. Restaurants were the first to go. Then bar and club restrictions came about. Now you can’t smoke outside in front of some buildings!

During that time frame, cigars have exploded in popularity across all ages, sexes, and backgrounds. Kyle Newmuis had a vision of providing a cigar experience whenever and where ever the customer waned to have one and now the Traveling Tobacconist is your cigar shop on wheels.

Your Fundraising Addition

If you are hosting a function and want a place for the cigar smoking, wine drinking and whisky sipping posse to hang out, this is the tool for you.

The Travelling Tobacconist provides a unique cigar experience. Everything inside this trailer has been built by hand. The humidor, seating and bar have been hand crafted by the owners, Kyle Newmuis and his partner.

Pulled by a Ford F-150, the trailer is designed to go wherever you want and need it. You want to impress the crew at a tailgate event? This is for you. Want to satisfy the cigar smokers at your next corporate golf event? Have this waiting in the parking lot. Recently, it was parked outside the Lincoln Financial Field at an Eagle’s game for a corporate fundraiser for the Boys Club Girls Club of America.


It even has Apple TV available on several high def monitors. You can plug in your mobile devise and listen to your own playlist through the hand built sound system.
Too cold outside? It has a heater. Too Hot outside? It has air conditioning. You can BYOB.

There is even a mount for a nice brass pole that extends from the floor to the ceiling for…. bachelor parties!

A Real Tobacconist

The cigar prices are not what you would expect at premium venues. No, they are what you would expect at a neighborhood tobacco shop.


Kyle has a legitimate license and is able to get wholesale prices for his sticks. You are not getting marked up retail prices.
The pictures say it all. For a unique cigar experience and to be the talk of the town in your neighborhood or around the office water cooler, set up your next event now!