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Liam Tower of Vermont Copper is passionate about his craft and the people he serves.  It is interesting to think of a person who hand makes copper pieces as “serving” but that is his attitude toward hand crafting beautiful pieces for his customers.  Liam’s customers include individuals who purchase his products on all the way up to Jacob Bromwell the oldest housewares company in America.

Vermont CopperI didn’t know anything about Vermont Copper until I saw them at a recent Whiskey Convention in Philadelphia, PA.  The table full of gleaming products was spectacular from flasks, to cups to cigar holders.  The only other copper at the show was copper stills for fermenting. “You are purchasing an heirloom product” he explained during a recent interview for the blog.

Work is performed out of his own shop.  Each piece is handled at least 25 times with more ornate and complex pieces handled many times more.  Everything is hand buffed, not mass produced.  At peak production, the team only consists of 3 people.Vermont Copper

Liam used to work with copper for architectural roofing purposes.  He has used this knowledge and product development skills for the past 6 years doing what he does today; crafting heirlooms.

Vermont Copper takes pride in being an American company as well.  Made in America means something to Liam.  Pride is also reflected in the products he makes as well.  Check out his social media links at the bottom of his web page.  The pictures are fantastic.

“We don’t make old products.  We make new products in the old way by hand” is Liam’s motto.  Look at his products.  Hold a piece in your hand.  Look him in the eye ……and believe him.

Vermont Copper

Vermont Copper