Why do you smoke?

“Why do you smoke?”

When you go to your favorite smoke shop, do you “grab” a cigar? When you are shopping at your favorite wine and spirits establishment, do you “nab” a bottle? Of course not.

You “select” your cigar or bottle of wine or spirit based upon a variety of factors. Your mood, time of year, when and where you will enjoy it and who you will be with. This is how I make my choices and that’s just to get the cigar or bottle into my house!

When I’m ready to smoke the cigar or pour that glass of wine, even more factors contribute to my selection.

Trust the process

I smoke because I enjoy it. The taste and aroma of a good cigar can transform an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. When you couple a choice cigar to an event, you have the potential to create a wonderful story that can last a lifetime.

At The Lancer Life, I encourage people to share their favorite cigar moments. I have shared many of mine in my book, “Thanks for the Memories: A Cigar Lovers Journey Through Smoke and Ash”.

“Why do you smoke?” is where I’m encouraging you to share yours.