Mecum Auto Auction

Mecum Auto Auction

Watching the Mecum Auto Action on TV for so many years gave me the impression that it was a high end auto auction of the finest classic autos in the United States.  Surprisingly I learned after attending their auction in Harrisburg PA in 2016 that it is much more than that.  It is “the” auto auction in the United States.

What you don’t see is that there are hundreds of cars that never make it to the televised auction block under the bright lights.  What I had also failed to notice over the years is the American Made volume of cars at auction.  Take a look the next time its on TV.  This is the same for the cars you do not see as well.  Primarily the cars are made in the USA.

I didn’t get it, but Mecum is an auto auction.  Not just high end cars.  Any car.  Any car or truck.  New or old.  Its an auction.  Some of the cars on auction need a lot of work. Some are expertly restored.  Others are crazy custom jobs.  A few are one of a kind.  It didn’t matter.  All of the vehicles were for auction.

The volume of cars far exceeded the volume of cars at the Philadelphia Auto Show.  In fact, it fundamentally changed my opinion towards restoring my ’66 Mustang. I sold it shortly after attending the show.  All of the estimates I received for restoring my car exceeded the cost of purchasing a restored car.

There were over 6 1966 Mustang GT’s on sale.  Over half were convertibles. All sold for less than the restoration price for mine. Mine was not a GT either.

Walking the grounds was a trip back in time.  Having my Cousin Carl (a car enthusiast) present made the trip even more special.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of automobiles and was the quintessential tour guide for an event like this. 

Carl placed every car in context with the market place, pop culture and trends in the automotive industry.  His knowledge is unprecedented to me and I enjoyed every minute with him.  He really could charge a fee for tours of the event.  I’m going to suggest it to him as a business proposal.

If you like cars, go to the Mecum website and find out when they will be having an auction near you.  Get someone who loves cars to go with you and enjoy yourself.  If you are in the market to buy and have some cash to spare ,consider purchasing an older model instead of these poorly made plastic modern ones.

One trip down the aisles of a Mecum auto auction and a few sound bites from a throaty old school muscle car from your childhood is all it will take to change your mind on your next car purchase.