AJ Stephen’s Seafood

AJ's Seafood

I must pass A J Stephens once a week travelling from my home to a cigar shop in Holmes, PA.  On this particular fall day, I decided to stop in.  They did not disappoint.

Being raised on the east coast, seafood is a steady in my diet.  Growing up, Friday was fish day.  The smell of fried flounder, shrimp jambalaya or scallops on special occasions filled the air in my grandmother’s kitchen.  During the summer, early Saturday meant steamed crabs once a month.

A J Stephens is a very good place to go and get a seafood fix.  Their plates are overflowing with seafood at reasonable prices.  The food is expertly breaded, but not overly done.  The restaurant has ample space and a bunch of TV’s to enjoy your favorite sport.

There is sufficient parking in their lot and nearby.  The food is fresh and delicious.  With all the great seafood distribution centers in the Phllly area, they can get their pick of the freshest catch of the day.

The bar is well stocked too.  From hard cider (my favorite), good beer on tap (I don’t drink beer) bourbon and scotch, you can pair your food with whatever floats your boat. 

This is not a 5 star restaurant.  Food is served in Styrofoam containers and with plastic cutlery.  That’s kind of the appeal to the place though.  There are times and places where that is appropriate.  This is not that place.  If you want to come in wearing a pair of your favorite blue jeans and the jersey of your favorite player, grab a beer eat good food and yell at the TV?  This is your place.

AJ Stephens Crab House

105 S. Macdade Blvd

Glenolden, PA 19036