Kenny and Ziggy’s

Kenny and Ziggy's

Kenny and Ziggy’s was the last thing I expected to find in Houston.  I was in town for the last interview I would consider for a return to the banking industry. 

The day started early and included a layover between Houston and Philadelphia.  The interview was quickly approaching and I needed to change and prep and walk over to the corporate HQ.  There was a mall across the street from my hotel and I had decided at the airport that this is where I wanted to go.  A Jewish deli is an unusual choice when I visit Tex-Mex country but time limited my ability to explore.  Lucky at food once more.

I don’t like mayonnaise so I get sandwiches that provide alternatives.  However, this means I pass on Russian dressing and coleslaw as well.  No problem.  Kenny and Ziggy’s provide a “Create your own” option.  I almost passed out!

Let’s not waste each other’s time with me writing and you reading about the endless list of items on the menu.  You can check that out when you visit their web site.  Forget about me telling you about the classic deli vibe that took me back to Katz in New York City.

Kenny and Ziggy’s checked off every box of a Jewish Delicatessen.  It excelled however in service.  The people there were warm and inviting.   Yes, southern hospitality meets New York deli.  The experience completely blew me away.


In order to avoid a food coma, I walked back to my hotel with my luggage and promptly took a shower.  I changed onto my suit and walked over to my interview.  It was fortunate that I had eaten so much.  The interview extended hours past the scheduled time.  I was able to maintain my concentration and composure because I had eaten so much food.

No, I didn’t get the job, but I have something else besides Pappadeax Seafood to look forward to when I visit Houston.  Nice job Kenny and Ziggy!!