Macarena Tapas

Macarena Tapas

No place like Macarena

I treated myself to a trip to Chicago for my birthday and returned to my former home, Naperville. It’s a city in the Western Suburb that has been rated one of the best places in America to live. It was. My time there was very short lived through no fault of my own and part of my treat was a return to a favorite restaurant.

Macarena Tapas.

Victor and family

Macarena Tapas is a quaint spot in a strip mall near an area loaded with shopping, a movie theater, large indoor mall and other businesses. Family owned and operated by Victor and his family (and now with the addition of a partner ) it has lost none of the charm or quality since I left in 2015.

A native Spaniard, Vic’s passion for food and family shines through from the e at the door to the conversation with his guests and t preparation of the food. It’s tough to say what I rank higher; the service or the food.

And the food is awesome.

The Food

There is another really good tapas restaurant in Naperville that could literally seat several hundred people. But the food isn’t any better. The menu at Macarena has enough items to require at least 6 visits before you repeat an item but that will be tough to do. I have enjoyed every item that I’ve tasted.

The food is excellent. Some favorites of mine include the bacon wrapped scallops resting on an avocado sauce topped with toasted coconut and chipotle aioli, pork tenderloin medallions wrapped in bacon (you notice a theme?) topped with green onions, crunchy onions and micro greens with a barbeque sauce, and the mussels in a simple but elegant red sauce that perfectly combined sweet with spice.

The drinks are fantastic too. And of course, there is the sangria topped with fresh fruit.

Great date night spot

Macarena is a perfect date night place because of the intimate setting. Alone? Sit at the bar and chat it up with Vic. There is always a soccer game on and the conversation is great. This was my home away from home away from home!

I love to cook but I preferred to go to Macarena while I lived there and every visitor was treated to a night at Macarena. Whether you live in the area or happen to be in the area for a visit, this is one of my top 5 places in the United States to eat.
Try it.

It will be one of your favorites too!

Macarena Tapas
618 S. Route 59
Naperville, IL 60540