Sushi is sushi right? Wrong! You can blindfold me and take me to a sushi restaurant and most of the menus are identical. Sure, the chef shows off with the “special” rolls but even those are pretty much the same thing with different names. Not this place.

Mikado is in Cherry Hill New Jersey along route 70 near the old racetrack. Strike one; it doesn’t look like much and the restaurants around it have a little more flash. Even when you go inside, you will notice the absence of a bar. It’s a BYOB place. Strike two right? So I sit down and look at the menu. A lot of the same old stuff. In fact, the menu is a little on the thin side. No list of the various sushi types on a laundry list with a golf pencil. The waitress comes over and explains the specials. That’s when everything changed.

When you go to a seafood restaurant, any seafood restaurant, the first thing you should be aware of is someone telling you when the seafood arrived. Nicole, my waitress started off her review of the specials with that fact. This place gets 2 deliveries per week. You also want to be told where your seafood comes from. It was from all over, but she pointed out California was the place where the Uni came from that day. And that is the other differentiator.  If a sushi restaurant sells Uni, it moves to the head of the class.

The Toro dish, a seared fatty tuna with a very spicy mayo, is out of this world and the soft shelled crab appetizer is crazy good. The food is as beautiful as it is tasty. The photo’s I took and posted on Google received over 11,000 views in 2 weeks. Today I returned and the Uni was from Japan. I almost lost it. The food is exceptional, but it is not cheap. If you want outstanding food, this is a must if you are in Cherry Hill. If you want ordinary, I’m sure you can find dozens of other places to spend your money.


2320 Marlton Pike W

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002