Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut

Jim Beam Distiller's Cut

Cut the Process

We here in Philadelphia have embraced the term, “Trust the Process”. It is in reference to the painful way with which the Philadelphia 76ers, our NBA team, “tanked” for several seasons in order to accumulate high draft picks, lower the salary and position itself to recruit top level free agent talent with the end goal of winning an NBA championship.

Well, master Distiller Fred Noe from Jim Beam decided he wanted to “Cut the Process” normally used to make bourbon to produce the Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut Bourbon that I sampled recently, and the American Whisky Convention held in Philadelphia PA a few months ago.

Chill “Out”

“Old Noe” decided to cut out the chill-filtration process usually used in bourbon making. He has been quoted as saying, “… this gets the bourbon from the barrel to the bottle a little differently” while it imparts, “…a fuller taste and longer finish compared to your typical bourbon”.

This was originally only available at the distillery but Pennsylvania (still a state-controlled liquor board” did a one time buy in order to see how sales go but at the ripe old price of between $25.50 to $27.50, they may have difficulty keeping this on the shelf.


This is aged 5 to 6 years which will give more developed flavor and it is bottled at 100 proof. Looking at this under light after a nice swirl, you can see that this is a bit more viscous than run of the mill bourbon.

The caramel, vanilla flavors you would expect in bourbon is present. There are hints of pepper and spice and slight floral notes. Good smooth finish with a very mild burn. All in all surprisingly pleasant especially at the price point.

My thoughts

This is not the Distiller’s Masterpiece, The Devil’s Cut, nor the Signature Craft bourbons, but its not the White or Black labels either. Jim Beam Distillers Cut is every day sipping whisky. Would I use it in a mixer? Maybe but why?

Forget about the price point for a minute. This is very good bourbon and it should be enjoyed neat or, my favorite, poured over a single ice cube. There is enough complexity here to earn some respect.

Drink responsibly!

Link to a video here.