Symbole Brandy

Symbole Brandy

Expand Your Horizons

It’s a pity that we as Americans limit our pallet to a limited number of well marketed brands. Let’s take Brandy for instance. The number of brands are as numerous as bourbon but if you asked a typical man on the street, he could only name a few.

……So when I saddled up next to my buddy on a fall Saturday while it was still warm outside, lit a cigar and poured a glass of Symbole National Brandy for our pre-game I knew there was an opportunity for something memorable.

Brandy from Cognac

A. de Fussigny distillery has been producing Cognac on the banks of the Charente River in Cognac France since 1814. Apparently Symbole National is a brandy brand under the Fussigny craftmanship which does not meet the specific standards under the Cognac AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee). Remember, all Cognac’s are brandy’s but not all brandy’s can be Cognac!

The Result? Absolutely amazing Brandy, that tastes like a Cognac at the price of a few beers at the ball park!

The Taste

The XO can be purchased at Total Wine for about $15 for a 750ml bottle. That’s the price of two good cigars. The VSOP is a little cheaper at about $13. My notes are based upon the XO which is an elegant brandy that won’t break your back with long legs and a very smooth researching this match my experience.

All of the reviews I have read. It is fruity and vibrant with a bit of caramel and floral notes. The flavor profile I would add is honey. It coats the tongue beautifully and pleasantly. Sitting outside in the yard on a 74-degree day in October felt more like June because of how bright and vibrant the flavors were.

Did I say smooth? Understatement.

It’s almost elegant!

Must Have

I am no Cognac connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. Bernard Berlin is. Check out his blog post here and read what a true expert sommelier and wine and food consultant since 1960 says about this brandy.

Then, go out and buy a bottle and see for yourself!